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Clapping at a performance...or not?
Adele - Sparks 1 - Ani
bohemianbrandy wrote in bd_newbie
Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted! Hello, all!
I guess I'm not a huge newbie anymore...I've survived several performances and have been dancing for two years, yay!

So, a question - does anyone else experience a lack of audience participation at their shows? Are the audience members afraid to clap? Do they not know that they can? Or are they just slighty cranky and silently praying that anyone else around them who is clapping will stop?

Aside from incorperating clapping into a choreography (heck, at the last performance I was at, our choreography included clapping, but no one in the audience caught on!), how else can you encourage the audience to get into it?

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Hey, thank you! I will be keeping that in mind, for sure. I especially like the last part of your post. ;)

My post definitely isn't as well thought out as the one above, but my troupe often cheers, in a generic manner ("woo" "Yay") when were around audiences un-familiar with it, just to let them know its okay to make noise, and have fun- and that we want them to enjoy it as much as we are :)
Obviously, it wouldn't work everywhere, but it works for us!

I'd like to add that, after you've made the initial suggestion to clap, don't keep trying if it doesn't catch on. There is nothing worse than the feeling that a performer is flogging you to participate and begging you for attention. I've seen dancers beg for clapping throughout a set and act huffy if they don't get it, and that just looks awful.

I agree with the above. XD The dance studio I go to has monthly haflas, and before each one the owner gives a short speech about how it's cool to be noisy and teaches the audience to zaghareet. Then they feel a bit more relaxed about clapping and yipping and whatever else. But uninitiated audiences will probably assume it's rude to make noise while someone is performing. Even now when I'm an audience member I often hold my tongue because I feel like the performance is too intense or stunning to make noise during. XD

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