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my novice dancing
Arwen veil
beauty_n_niqab wrote in bd_newbie
Ok, so my gf decided she wanted to make a video of me dancing.

so here it is.

i know i need to work on several things...

Being fluid
chest circles
not being to left-hip dependent
moving in time with the music
and smiling!

i am open to suggestions, constructive gentle >.<

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Yes, i'm very well aware my dancing needs a lot of work, i'm new.

i'm not trying to do any particular style, just the basics.

i was dancing barefoot, which means i am constantly on the toes of my left foot (because it is 2.5 inches shorter than my right) so my body being straight will never be entirely correct.

also i spent 3 years as a stripper, so some of the body postures that went with that need to be unlearned.

i plan on (hopefully) some time this year to FINALLY take actual lessons, so far i;ve just been learning on my own, with videos.

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