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my novice dancing
Arwen veil
beauty_n_niqab wrote in bd_newbie
Ok, so my gf decided she wanted to make a video of me dancing.

so here it is.

i know i need to work on several things...

Being fluid
chest circles
not being to left-hip dependent
moving in time with the music
and smiling!

i am open to suggestions, constructive gentle >.<

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I'm a cabaret/Egyptian style noob, so take this with a grain of salt (I don't know much about tribal). I think you already nailed the things you need to work on, and that's good. :)

One thing I would add is isolate your moves a bit more to make them more distinctive. The other thing (and this is just a personal taste / styling thing), I think a top that is more horizontal across the bottom front shows off chest moves better than the criss-cross top you are wearing.

Hope this helps!

thank you for your encouragement.

i'm still trying to figure out how to isolate my moves but i think that will come with time.

The top i was wearing was just what i happened to be wearing at the time, i usually wear more halter-style tops or cholis.

Yeah just time and practice I think. :) I'm still working on mine too. I have this horrible tendency to make funny faces whenever I do chest boxes or chest circles.

Work more on ur arms and shoulders! They should be more relaxed and flexible) Good luck!!

Okay, I hope you don't take my criticism as being rude but your dancing needs lots of work.

First of all, in tribal dancing, your arms should always be strong. Watch this video and take note of her arms :
even when you are doing "snake arms", your arms are still always high, same level as your shoulders, and strong.

Need to work on your posture. You should be standing straight. No bum sticking out and no chest sticking out.

Being fluid, chest circles, and all of that come AFTER getting the basics down. I'd suggest taking a class or doing online classes.

hope that helps xx

Yes, i'm very well aware my dancing needs a lot of work, i'm new.

i'm not trying to do any particular style, just the basics.

i was dancing barefoot, which means i am constantly on the toes of my left foot (because it is 2.5 inches shorter than my right) so my body being straight will never be entirely correct.

also i spent 3 years as a stripper, so some of the body postures that went with that need to be unlearned.

i plan on (hopefully) some time this year to FINALLY take actual lessons, so far i;ve just been learning on my own, with videos.

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