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an outfit idea
beauty_n_niqab wrote in bd_newbie

So i want to make myself a belly dance outfit. Sadly, i can't sew. but i found a drawing of an outfit that looks completely awesome. and doesn't seem that complicated, so maybe even i could do it.

i think they could work well for an idea of an outfits that looks "slave like" without being too obvious..and i love the color scheme. But would these oranges look good on me, a fair skinned, blond?
but it's technically not "orange" but a shade of orange..burnt sienna maybe? if i can figure out the colors, a trip to the fabric store would be much easier.
Also, i'd make the skirt less sheer.

any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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Well - what are costumes like in your area?

That kind of thing would NOT fly in my neck of the woods - way too exposed. The double slits are way too high, even if you went for not sheer fabric.

The bra top, belt and arm drapes would be fine although you might be in danger of getting tangled up in your arm drapes.

I usually recommend L.Rose Designs
for quality and versatility. They hold their value and you can sometimes buy used on bellydancer swap pages/resell them if they don't work out.

I think the colours would work for you.

If you are looking to sew it yourself - I do - check out Shira for costuming tips.

Best of luck.

well i;d probably make some minor adjustments to the outfit. perhaps some yellow harem pants underneath. i;d like to keep the skirt as-is, just not as sheer for...private home use. (you know dancing for my partner. she loves to watch me dance! in public venues however, harem pants would be added)

and the arm drapes wouldn't be that long..maybe something like these:

i;ll be sure to check out your links though. :)

what you wear (or don't wear) in the privacy of your own home - your business ;-) and enjoy.

but definitely harem pants under that skirt for public venues - I was a little worried there.

although I don't usually dance in costumes with arm drapes I have heard some horror stories about catching in candles/belt trimmings. My usual problem is getting my bracelets/bangles caught on my belt.

well yes, once i got to thinking about it, that skirt is a bit too..risque for public activity.

i'm generally a solo dancer, and i've never worked around flame for those very reasons of things catching fire. Fire pretty, fire bad.

i want to learn to work with drapes because they flow so nicely when done correctly. :)

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