Egyptian cabaret classes in Arlington, TX?
I'm moving to Arlington, Texas at the end of August and am looking for a teacher in Egyptian cabaret on the beginner's level. So far, I've only found enrichment/continuing education classes at UTA and there aren't any classes available yet (or maybe at all) at a place called Health and Harmony House which used to have belly dance classes. Anyone know of other instructors and classes in Arlington? I am very new to belly dance so I don't know many resources. Thanks!

 So I went back to BD classes after a 4 year break (what was I thinking?) I am into the Turkish and Cabaret styles. I know Tribal is popular, and I enjoy watching it, but not *doing* it. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of a daily drilI could do, or what moves should be included in a drill for everyday practice? I am basically working on my arms and shimmy. Is there like a spreadsheet or something.
Sorry, I am kind of anal.
I am in the California Bay Area, if anyone has suggestions for classes to take in Turkish or Cabaret styles.
also if this community had tags, I would have looked there first, so sorry, if everyone posts this repeatedly.
Thanks so much.

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elven glare
I am trying to decide between two sets of "bottom halves" on Ebay for a trio of girls in a theatre show I am directing. Set in Algeirs, three slave girls have to [belly]dance to impress the Sheikh. Now some of the shows will be in stantard theatres and some are open air shows during the summer. I simply cant decide between these two types (bearing in mind theres a large range of colours for both, so its a choice of style rather than colour. Also two of the girls are plus size though with nice figures.)

In our shoes, which style would you choose? 


Question for Bellydancers
Hi Everyone,

As a musician that often performs with or for belly dancers, I thought I'd post to the bd newbie community to see what people are listening to and what they prefer music-wise.  

Of course there are a number of divergent styles of belly dance and quite a lot of different musical tastes out there.  But I ask because though my current project Azphodel has focused on Tribal Fusion (somewhat), I aim to take that project in a different direction but will continue to delve deeper into the tribal fusion and world fusion dance movements with other projects.  

Also, as a player of several traditional Near Eastern instruments (mainly Turkish yaylı tanbur and Turkish mey), a lot of my focus currently is on instrument technique and Turkish art and folk music.  I also play a selection of Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek and other music other than Turkish.  Any dancers out there that love the traditional (or a fresh new take on traditional) stuff that have input, please chime in!!

Thanks everyone,

~Zane Lazos

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I've been intrigued by belly dancing for a long time. I've had several epiphanies over the last year and a half or so due to various events in my life and one of them was to take lessons. I've practiced yoga for over eight years and it seemed like another incredible way to connect with my bodies, both inner and outer. I took two tribal belly dancing lessons in town from two different teachers, simply because one went abroad, but I was hooked right away, even though I barely had an idea of what I was doing. I have no dance background, but yoga has taught me so much.

I'm barely employed so regular classes take too big a bite from my budget, even though they're not expensive. My plan is to go to one every month or so until finances grow. I bought a Rachel Brice DVD, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and do the exercises faithfully in front of a mirror and love them!  I can see some improvement which is amazing to me. Next I think I need to get her arms lessons. I found a few lessons on line and I practice very basic snake arms I think.

I find that my core strength has quadrupled! I feel "new" muscles in my back and stomach that I didn't know I had. My shoulders have benefited greatly, so much movement there that implodes knots and tension. I find my knees hurt a little after practicing the drills, from the slightly bent knees in each drill but I think that's ok?

I long for the day when I can put together a snippet of dance, I think the in person classes will help with that. I don't have any desire to perform in public, but more for myself and intimates. I'm 49 so don't really go out and dance much in clubs or anything, but this has opened a new portal in my head and body.

I just wanted to share how much I'm enjoying it.

Azphodel Video featuring dance troupe - Apsara
Musick video with premier beat electronique old world fusion Azphodel, intertwined with Portland's premier dance troupe - Apsara, recently seen with Le Serpent Rouge.

Please comment if you love it.

Clapping at a performance...or not?
Adele - Sparks 1 - Ani
Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted! Hello, all!
I guess I'm not a huge newbie anymore...I've survived several performances and have been dancing for two years, yay!

So, a question - does anyone else experience a lack of audience participation at their shows? Are the audience members afraid to clap? Do they not know that they can? Or are they just slighty cranky and silently praying that anyone else around them who is clapping will stop?

Aside from incorperating clapping into a choreography (heck, at the last performance I was at, our choreography included clapping, but no one in the audience caught on!), how else can you encourage the audience to get into it?

my novice dancing
Arwen veil
Ok, so my gf decided she wanted to make a video of me dancing.

so here it is.

i know i need to work on several things...

Being fluid
chest circles
not being to left-hip dependent
moving in time with the music
and smiling!

i am open to suggestions, constructive gentle >.<

an outfit idea

So i want to make myself a belly dance outfit. Sadly, i can't sew. but i found a drawing of an outfit that looks completely awesome. and doesn't seem that complicated, so maybe even i could do it.

i think they could work well for an idea of an outfits that looks "slave like" without being too obvious..and i love the color scheme. But would these oranges look good on me, a fair skinned, blond?
but it's technically not "orange" but a shade of orange..burnt sienna maybe? if i can figure out the colors, a trip to the fabric store would be much easier.
Also, i'd make the skirt less sheer.

any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.

I've been dancing on and off for 7 months (probably a total of 5 months of actual practice), but I still can't find my lower abs. At all. It's driving me crazy. Every move I want to do, including basic posture, hinges on those lower abs and I can't contract them to save my life. I've tried all the regular exercises (including the ones on Shira's website), but no luck. It's gotten to the point where I went ahead and got a private teacher. She's been giving me alternatives to try and even suggested I do pilates. Sometimes I feel like she gets frustrated with me because I just can't contract them. Or maybe my frustration just fills the room.

Is doing pilates a good supplement to dance practice?

I'm scared that I will never reach a performance level. While I love the dance and the art behind it, I feel terrible not being able to do the moves correctly and often debate just giving it up.


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