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Hi, I am new to belly dancing - had some lesson back in the summer, and now I, and several other girls, need to learn belly dancing seriously for a theatre show due on next spring. I was wondering what excercises would help my body learn to move better specifically for belly dancing.

(Martial arts and  medieval sword combat stunting doesnt cut the mustard, my body is used to that, but its a totally different way of moving. I am not talking about general fitness as such, but am looking for specific excercises for limbering up more for belly dancing, getting the body more used to that kind of movement.  Youtubes or such would be useful as well - our formal dance classes for the theatre show dont start for a couple of weeks yet)

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3/4 shimmy advice
Been taking belly dance for 3 years. Currently in Japan and being taught by Sadia Camille(she's been teaching for 30 years). I go to lessons around 5 times a week, I've just reached level 3 of her lessons (there are 7) and as I'm not the most naturally talented it takes me around a year to move up.

Hi all, I'm really having trouble getting 3/4 shimmy. My teacher teaches it as up-down-up and while I can do it slowly, for the past 3 months I can't seem to speed up. The other students are starting to get the hang of it and I know I shouldn't compare myself but it really sucks to be the one totally left behind in class. My teacher is making new choreography and from here on out, all choreography will have 3/4 shimmy so I won't be able to do anything unless I get this down. I'm starting to get really stressed and frustrated with it. Maybe I should mention that I've no previous dance training unlike the other students, am chubby, and it takes me a couple of times to get a move down...but nothing has been as frustrating as 3/4 shimmy plus like I said, no 3/4 shimmy means I won't be able to do any of the new level 3 dances.

My teacher teachers it by first saying that to do this move we need to move solely from upper abdominal muscles and that to just picture/imagine this muscle moving and pulling the hip up(this does nada for me, to move my hip up I NEED help from my knees or buttocks muscles). Everyday I do the slow up-down-up I can do during lessons. I also practice when walking home, washing dishes...I practice a LOT! but whenever I try to speed up it just turns into up-up-up. I talked to my teacher and she tried a different approach, by walking and sliding my hips to the beat and then "adding an extra bump" but again nada, zip, nothing. If anything this is more confusing to me than making my hips go up-down-up and doesn't register in my brain at all. But she said this is all she could tell me. Do you guys have any other tips that could help me out or should I just suck it up and wait for it to come to me, no matter how long it will take?

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Thanks !

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Looking for local classes
in Fort Worth..or relatively close.

i am mostly, self-taught, remembering things i learned back in Louisiana.

but i want real, honest classes.

however i need them either in or not very far outside of Fort Worth.

i know Isis and her group are highly recommended, but even that is a little far for me to travel and still be able to afford classes.

i was looking at Rasha's ClassesCollapse ) as they are located in Fort Worth and seems to be what i'm looking for as far as style of dancing goes. Yes,i know her classes have already started, but they seem to run on an 8-week schedule

Has anyone taken from her?

Or does anyone know any other teachers who are local to Fort Worth, Tx?

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An Egyptain Oriental Dance to Niksam El Amar

25/03/10: An Egyptian Raks Sharki to Mezdeke, following general critique on last video "Taht Il..", too much floor watching, my right arm was too dynamic and left was more static, vary size of movements. This style of dance is less inkeeping with traditional folkloric style and moreso a cabaret style of bellydance.
On the song choice: Mezdeke is a trio of ethnic Turk dancers, internationally recognized for their CDs, which contain a pop mix of Arabic (not just Turkish) music. Their music has been described as pan-Arabic with strong Egyptian influences. Their dance style is reported to reflect this.
more detailed account of the critique, quoted from comments on last video which was a Raks Baladi to Fatme Serhans Taht Il Shibbak.
"Sometimes less is more, so at times you could stay in one place or vary the size of your movements - at the moment they're all very loose and big."
I tried to work of that here, stopping in one spot and doing on move varying the levels and size to music.
"I know it was a video clip, but I think you are still a little disengaged from the audience? (which was a camera in an empty room)."
"my only critique would be to bring the smile that appeared at the end of the clip."
"At the beginning you are looking at the floor a lot, I am not sure if this is intentional, but it makes you look a bit shy and nervous."
"You have such an expressiveness when you dance, but the spell is broken when you look at the floor too much."
I tried quite hard and did this song a few times to work on engaging the camera and smiling more.
"One thing I found myself focusing on is your left arm; the right is very dynamic while the left is left to trail behind or completely unused. Some of the movements (at least for me) begged for more involvement of the arms, together as a team. Bigger, more expression as a whole in the upper body along with the lower. No matter what your lower body is doing, the upper will always be a part of it whether it's to strategically frame your hip isolation or to start/complete a movement."
I watched it back and did see this quite blatantly, and was conscious to bring the arms in to work with one and other and follow the moves of body is a more balanced attitude.
"Men should do bladed hands, fists, whole hand cups instead of the egg timer look, and so on. I think you do a good job of framing your hips and staying strong looking. The right arm was getting more of a workout than the left."
"Flat line, force of power flowing down your arm and from your fingertips. you break your wrist over too much and the flow of power is stopped."
With regard the last two quotes, this is quite appropriate for the urban folkloric Baladi, however I'm not sure how true this is for an Oriental, however I was to less intricate with the hand work and keep them more simple.

Feedback and critique is welcome and kindly requested

New video
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