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elven glare
elven_ranger wrote in bd_newbie
I am trying to decide between two sets of "bottom halves" on Ebay for a trio of girls in a theatre show I am directing. Set in Algeirs, three slave girls have to [belly]dance to impress the Sheikh. Now some of the shows will be in stantard theatres and some are open air shows during the summer. I simply cant decide between these two types (bearing in mind theres a large range of colours for both, so its a choice of style rather than colour. Also two of the girls are plus size though with nice figures.)

In our shoes, which style would you choose? 


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...Also, if this is the theme you have to work with, I'd consider looking at Orientalist art for inspiration rather than trying for authenticity (because the theme itself is an Orientalist trope). Stuff like this. That being said, it seems that something styled like the first skirt would be more in keeping with the "languid drapery half-concealing" theme of all those paintings of odalisques.

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