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elven glare
elven_ranger wrote in bd_newbie
I am trying to decide between two sets of "bottom halves" on Ebay for a trio of girls in a theatre show I am directing. Set in Algeirs, three slave girls have to [belly]dance to impress the Sheikh. Now some of the shows will be in stantard theatres and some are open air shows during the summer. I simply cant decide between these two types (bearing in mind theres a large range of colours for both, so its a choice of style rather than colour. Also two of the girls are plus size though with nice figures.)

In our shoes, which style would you choose? 


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As the director, are you planning a period piece or a fantasy piece? It makes a huge difference in the costuming styles you can use. For a fantasy piece, you can use anything you like without regards to accuracy. If the rest of the show is an accurate period piece, but the dancers are in fantasy garb, it would look very out of place to anyone familiar with the period. If the piece is overall fantasy, either of the options would work, but I would recommend something of higher quality if it will be worn for more than one of two shows as some of the ones you have pictured can be extremely low quality. It is generally luck of the draw whether you get those well-made or poorly-made.

Will this be performed at belly dance venues or only theatre/play venues? That would also make a difference in which costuming styles would work best.

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