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elven glare
elven_ranger wrote in bd_newbie
I am trying to decide between two sets of "bottom halves" on Ebay for a trio of girls in a theatre show I am directing. Set in Algeirs, three slave girls have to [belly]dance to impress the Sheikh. Now some of the shows will be in stantard theatres and some are open air shows during the summer. I simply cant decide between these two types (bearing in mind theres a large range of colours for both, so its a choice of style rather than colour. Also two of the girls are plus size though with nice figures.)

In our shoes, which style would you choose? 


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with the top endless wave pants, be prepared that you may actually have to wear tights or leggings underneath - the ones I've seen (on other local dancers) have been a bit too sheer and - a bit too short - so if any of your girls are really tall - might be an issue. Never ordered them myself so I wouldn't know for sure.

the skirts I have ordered have been long enough for all but the tallest girls, some of them have a built in modesty panel.

I'd probably still opt for the pants though... because I'm partial to pants personally. Particularly for outdoor shows.

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