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Question for Bellydancers
zanelazos wrote in bd_newbie
Hi Everyone,

As a musician that often performs with or for belly dancers, I thought I'd post to the bd newbie community to see what people are listening to and what they prefer music-wise.  

Of course there are a number of divergent styles of belly dance and quite a lot of different musical tastes out there.  But I ask because though my current project Azphodel has focused on Tribal Fusion (somewhat), I aim to take that project in a different direction but will continue to delve deeper into the tribal fusion and world fusion dance movements with other projects.  

Also, as a player of several traditional Near Eastern instruments (mainly Turkish yaylı tanbur and Turkish mey), a lot of my focus currently is on instrument technique and Turkish art and folk music.  I also play a selection of Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek and other music other than Turkish.  Any dancers out there that love the traditional (or a fresh new take on traditional) stuff that have input, please chime in!!

Thanks everyone,

~Zane Lazos

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Solace is great. I love their stuff.

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